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Unified solutions for environmental projects

Integrate Data, Streamline Operations, and Accelerate Scaling


Removing barriers

Environmental projects must engage diverse stakeholders across a landscape; to do this, they require systems to enable collaboration and support innovation.


Supporting Innovators

Raising capacity for
ambitions and impact.

Connecting projects to
aligned funders.


Responsive to sector needs

Long-term Access

Innovate confidently with digital infrastructure that has been trusted for decades in life-critical information systems.

Highly Customizable

Incorporate features relevant to diverse project needs. Continue to iterate, upgrade and modify while in use.

Supporting Ambitions

Reach thousands of members and grow opportunities while maintaining a low overhead and member support costs.

Reassuring Trust

Control data storage and processing for security of users and stakeholders. Built-in  functionalities for privacy and compliance.


Adaptable to context

Customizable Layers

Incorporate both published and proprietary data to address community needs. Combine layers to reveal opportunities and inform reporting.
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Communicate Impact

Apply or customize KPIs, curate access to results. Engage advisors and product/service buyers regarding monitoring and verification.
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Generate Insight

Provide access to project-related details anytime, anywhere. Document impacts and share with stakeholders using automated reports.
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Comprehensive API

All functionality on the system can be integrated with existing databases and 3rd party software, using custom or community-built connectors.
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What users say

Since their implementation of the Landscape Network, projects have reported more efficient operations, optimization of workflows, and a streamlined approach to the ultimate goal — rapid landscape restoration.
Robin Vos
Digital Product Officer, Commonland
We're really, really happy with the Landscape Network, and see so much potential in it. I would recommend it to project developers in order to bring all of their information together. This approach saves time for our team and partners.
Vincent de Leijster
Technical Officer, Wij.land
Being part of the Open Landscape Network and creating our own customized system empowered us to focus our time and resources where it mattered most — on farmer support and increasing community engagement.
Laura Alvarez
Technical Coordinator, AlVelAl
It is a privilege to work with communities on their digital transformation. The opportunities created by following their processes and meeting their needs has demonstrated the power of sector-focused technology infrastructure.
Emily deGroot
Director of Operations, HES

Supporting ecosystems


Focused on peat soil carbon storage, sustainable farming and increased biodiversity in Dutch land-use practices.


Dedicated to regenerative farms improving soil fertility, reducing erosion, and saving water in Spanish ecological areas.

Coming soon

Many new Open Landscape Network projects are currently in planning and development. Subscribe for updates.